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OFSTED Report 2016

OFSTED Inspection report for early years provision

Unique Reference Number: 160507
Inspection date: 11 Apr 2016
Type of setting: Childminding

Summary of key findings for parents

This provision is outstanding

  • The childminder observes and assesses children extremely accurately. She uses her excellent knowledge of their interests and abilities to provide highly effective and challenging learning experiences, tailored to each child's individual needs.
  • The childminder creates an extremely exciting environment for children. Children guide their own play particularly well as they choose inspiring resources to extend their interests. This prepares them exceptionally well for school.
  • The childminder has excellent relationships with parents. She is highly successful in engaging them in their children's learning. Children make exceptional progress from their starting points.
  • Children develop excellent communication, speaking and listening skills. For example, the childminder uses exceptionally clear language and introduces new vocabulary as children engage in their play.
  • Children's behaviour is exemplary. They demonstrate strong emotional attachments to the childminder, show kindness to their younger peers and an excellent awareness of themselves and others.
  • The childminder has highly effective partnerships with schools and professionals at other settings children attend. She continually exchanges information to keep them fully involved and to provide consistency for children.

Read the full report on the Ofsted Website.

Surrey County Council Early Years Quality Improvement Award
Ofsted Outstanding 2016
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