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Little stars nursery has been our sons childcare setting for nearly 2 years and he is now just starting nursery. I have trusted that our son was in a safe and secure environment at all times. The children went on regular excursions which were thoroughly enjoyed and offered opportunities for different physical activities (climbing / lots of outside play etc). Places included Wisley gardens and national trust locations. The secret garden was always talked about too! Alison always made an effort to celebrate special days and celebrations and even brought out books related to siblings as our son was going to be a big brother which was very thoughtful. We will all miss Alison and Pete and thanks for our time with you!

Nicole. 9th November 2021

My daughter P... has been with Little Stars since she was 11 months old to when she started school at 4. She has always been happy and settled with Alison and Pete and we couldn't be more happy with her development. Alison has always provided healthy home cooked meals for the children, so I never have to worry that she hasn't eaten well. P... has particularity loved all the trips the children were taken on - to National Trust sites, Wisley gardens, local parks and local woodlands. Alison and Pete have always made a real effort to take the children out to enjoy and learn about nature. P... has also enjoyed the many arts and crafts that Alison does with the children as well as singing, dancing and yoga. I would highly recommend Little Stars if you are looking for a home-from-home childcare setting. P... has made some very good friends through her time here and we hope to stay in touch with them when we leave.

A Cumming. 15th August 2020

Alison has looked after my two boys for four years in total. From the outset I knew she was the right choice for us. Her home is so welcoming and she obviously cares for the children. Together with Pete the children are offered a fun and enjoyable environment that supports and encourages their development. My eldest came along leaps and bounds with his reading whilst at Alison's and also thrived from the interaction with the other children. I also love that the children are able to get out exploring the beautiful local countryside. Taking them out most days Alison and Pete offer a range of stimulation that you don't get in all settings. I would thoroughly recommend Alison and Little stars for children of all ages.

J Holly. 8th August 2020

Alison provides an excellent balance of time outdoors and exercise with indoor activity. I very much appreciate the focus on healthy and nutritious food and not too much sugar.

I don't think there are many EYFS providers who provide such a thoughtful and varied day to day set of activities. Alison really excels in this. Her arts and crafts are really enjoyed by the children and H.... has learnt so much from her specifically, including numbers and letters, songs etc.

Knowing the children Alison minds, there is one common element - they are all very well-behaved with good manners. She definitely makes this part of her day to day development.

A. Cullen. March 2020

Alison has provided C.... with a world of opportunities to learn through the vast amount of activities she puts on. We have been so pleased with the opportunities C.... has had – which reflect hugely in her development.

She has had the opportunity to learn more about her peers through activities Alison runs.

L. Nagle. March 2020

Alison provides a large range of play opportunities for the children which are fun as well as encourage their learning and development. Alison has recently introduce yoga which P.... loves. She always makes an effort to recognise and celebrate a wide range of religious and cultural events with the children. This has helped P.... to respect other children who may appear different to her.

A. Cumming. March 2020

One reason we chose a childminder was the opportunity for the children to go out and of the childminders we visited, you offered the most interesting selection of outings. R.... clearly enjoys his time with you and from the daily feedback and photos, it is evident you do lots with them to stimulate different areas of development.

Alison and Pete do a wonderful job of meeting the children's basic needs, which is a primary concern when the children are so little. Prioritising healthy meals and making sure the children all sleep. Whilst we have no cultural or religious requirements, I am always touched by how much attention you pay to the children's differing cultures and religions.

Your home is immaculate at all times… well as being a safe environment. At the same time you allow the children to develop, explore and grow (which must involve some mess and the occasional tumble) which is always reported.

I am impressed with the daily record as well as the children's files that we see at the end of each term. It is an incredible record of their time spent with you and shows how much thought you put into their care. Thank you.

J. Holly. March 2020

Our son has been with Alison & Pete since the age of 2 for just over a year and a half. When he arrived on day 1 his speech was a little behind, however after a short time with Alison he improved dramatically and started to get ahead of the curve with his education. Alison goes through staged progression through the age milestones and our son B.... was achieving all the relevant milestones whilst having plenty of fun thanks to the great work Alison & Pete put in.

The fact there are not too many children there has helped our son get more personal attention needed at that age and at his recent pre-school open day he jumped right into the environment due to the fact his development at Alison and Pete’s had prepared him for that environment. B.... has loved his time with Alison & Pete and we are so grateful for all their efforts in helping to mould him into the great little chap he is today.

A & J Rogers. July 2019

My Son has been with Alison for nearly 3 years. Right from the off Alison and Pete provided the best possible care for G... and were great with him when he had the odd 'off' day. G... started with full time care and then moved to school holiday care. G... has grown to really love Alison and her calm approach towards the children really makes her stand out as once of the best childminders around the area.

The children all do such fun things and there is always something different on the agenda. They have great days out to lovely places and G... always comes home telling stories of what they did and how much fun he had. G... has super manners which is mainly thanks to Alison and she encourages good behavior which doesn't go unnoticed. Alison is rated OUTSTANDING by Ofsted and she really does live up to that rating.

S. A'Court. June 2018.

I am thrilled with the care Alison (and her husband Pete) provide for my son. I was dreading leaving him and specifically chose a childminder as I felt he would be happier in a home environment. He is very happy and obviously enjoys his time there - he is always excited on the journey there.

Alison provides a stimulating and caring environment. She plans trips out and activities based around the children’s specific development needs. She provides us with excellent feedback and my son has blossomed whilst under her care. Plenty of parking allowing easy drop-off and pick up. Highly recommended.

A. Barling. February 2018.

Exemplary childminder. Having looked at the Woking nursery's, and several childminders in Send and Woking, Little Stars came as a breath of fresh air. Our daughter is progressing brilliantly and has a full and stimulating schedule while with Alison. Can't recommend highly enough.

A. Tuite. June 2017.

My son has been with Alison for almost a year, starting when he was 13 months old. From the very beginning, Alison and her husband Pete have truly provided a home away from home where I know my son receives the best of care.

Every morning they head out somewhere, enjoying the outdoors whenever the weather permits. Afternoons are spent doing all kinds of creative and fun activities as well as playing in their fabulous garden. All the activities are geared towards aiding the children's development, which Alison monitors and communicates very well.

Alison and Pete have a wonderful way with all the children and are incredibly attentive to all their needs. My son generally can't wait for Tuesday to come round so that he can head back to see Alison and Pete! They have a lot of fun together.

It's no surprise at all that Alison has been rated an outstanding childminder and I would highly recommend her to all parents.

J. Holly. June 2017.

Alison has looked after two of my boys and has worked hard to work around my schedule. Both boys have been very happy to go which is very reassuring. She provides a range of services, including a school puck-up, all of which I will have made use of come the new school year! Highly recommended!

L. Sayed. June 2016.

I have been extremely happy with the service Alison provides. Her home is always welcoming, very clean and well organised. Alison is warm and friendly ... Alison provides a wide range of fun activities including plenty of outdoor exercise. All the children enjoy water play, drawing and sticking, reading and puzzles to name but a few; as well as daily outings to the park and playtime in the woods. Alison encourages good behaviour ... and ensures good personal hygiene for all children to wash hands after visiting the toilet. Alison provides healthy food and snacks and always encourages the children to try new things. Alison also makes time to recognise birthdays and Christmas.

D. Roffey. February 2016.

We are delighted by the amount of outdoor activity and exercise H... has - which we know he enjoys. The emphasis on outdoor play is more that we anticipated, which is fantastic ... From personal experience, we have been delighted with Alison's approach to diversity and helping E... with her hearing loss management.

K and A Kempe. November 2015.

One of the things I particularly value about Alison is her ready and open communication. She is really exceptional in all that she does, building I....'s confidence before she went off to school and working patiently with A... and encouraging his natural enthusiasm for life. Pete, Alison’s husband is equally fantastic and both my children loved his involvement and I think it was great for A... to have a male role model with whom he could share a passion for DIY, cars and remote control vehicles! For me, Alison and Pete, her husband, have become an extension of our family and it feels like the end of an era that I now have two school age children. When you entrust your children to someone for so much of the week, it has to be right. She really cares about the children that she looks after, loving their individual personalities and ensuring they feel really secure.

R. Cole. September 2014.

As is very evident from I..'s personality and contentment when she gets collected, she loves the interaction and play learning, which have enabled her to be a confident and happy little girl.

A. Rankin. June 2014.

I am pleased that S.. does a variety of activities after school, including reading, writing, drawing, creative activities, playing in the garden and playing games. I'm particularly pleased to see him practising his writing.

V. Lee. May 2014.

Alison greets us with a friendly smile on each occasion and always says an individual welcome to each child.

S. Pitman. May 2011.

Since I..... started at Little Stars I have felt so grateful to have found Alison and think that she is an outstanding childminder. ........

Alison works in very close partnership with us as parents. Every day the diary provides key information about how I.... has been, what she has done, how she has slept and eaten etc. and I have valued its honesty..........

Alison has obviously created an atmosphere in which friendship and cooperation flourish amongst the children. .......

Alison is very creative in her approach and I have been amazed at the variety of activities I... partakes in. .........

I have already decided that I.... will stay with Alison until she goes to school rather than going to nursery or pre-school because I have no doubt that I.... is receiving excellent provision in this area as well as gaining the enormous benefits of Alison’s kind and nurturing approach...... Alison and Pete really care about I.... and us as a family and this feeling is reciprocated. I cannot imagine anyone else looking after my children .......

I think she is exceptional because she manages to combine a warm and nurturing environment with exciting and stimulating activities on a daily basis where I.... feels really confident and loved.

R. Cole. September 2010.

On our first visit to Alison's house we instantly felt very welcomed and comfortable & my husband & I knew instantly that this was the place for our baby.

We have always appreciated how Alison has worked around J....'s routine and offered us much needed advice (from being both a mother and an experienced childminder) on subjects such as weaning, potty training and the addition of a new sibling.

Little Stars has always been a very stimulating environment including trips to local groups, outings, painting, baking and games. It was always wonderful to read an extensive account of what J... had been up to during his day and any achievements he had made in his daily diary. Also a termly report with photos which we have and regularly look at.

I would highly recommend Alison & Pete to anyone who wants a loving, caring, experienced, stimulating and 'home from home' environment for their child. We hope that they will always be a part of our lives.

S. Bennett. September 2010.

Paul and I would like to reiterate that we are delighted with the care you and Pete have provided for T... The variety of activities you organise and your attention to every aspect of his welfare and development are exemplary. It is very reassuring for us as working parents to see our little boy so happy and well looked-after!

L.Gillam. November 2010.

I have always found Alison to be highly professional, insisting on the highest standards which greatly benefited both the children in her care and us as parents..... What impressed us most was the incredible way she is able to absorb and encourage development by creative play, craft and outings which allows each child to grow in confidence in their abilities..... I would highly recommend the setting at Alison and Pete’s to any prospective parent as the level of care and support in child development is outstanding.

S.Fudge. March 2010.

Lots of varied activities, continued effort to improve the setting. Toys are varied regularly. Alison has demonstrated a good ability to work together with children to resolve differences and promote good behaviour. Alison makes great effort to get the children out and about at every opportunity in the garden, NT properties, local woodlands, even a walk in the fieled when it snowed. Tree climbing is always a favourite activity. One of the most positive aspects of Alison's work'.

C. Coker. January 2010.

I feel that there is a real partnership between us and I have always felt reassured that I will always know how I.... has been during the day, even if it hasn't been a good day and the diary is really useful in keeping track of her eating and sleeping.'

I think you are both highly vigilant and encourage the children to develop responsibility for themselves and when old enough to develop responsibility for those around them.

R. Cole. January 2010.

On collecting the girls, their description of the day's activities demonstrate how much they enjoy their time at Alison's. ...Alison is always happy to discuss any issues which arise and to work in partnership with us to make E.. and N.. feel even more settled in her care. We greatly value her support.

S and L Pitman. May 2009.

Being allowed to follow through until he is satisfied has really helped develop S..'s confidence. I think he has learned a great deal through creative play. His language skills have developed considerably too. Alison gives S.. clear boundaries in a friendly way and I think he respects that. ... The quality of feedback has been excellent. Whenever I have a question about S.. Alison has answered it fully and frankly. ....S..'s time at Alison's has been very happy and we really appreciate the care and stimulation he has received.'

B. Hinton. July 2008.

E's.. language and climbing skills are both developing and we are sure this is helped by Alison and her days with the other children. We are extremely please witb E's progress and with the relationsips she has formed with Alison and the other children.

L. Pitman. July 2008.

Thank you for the recent outings. Grandad (a former fireman) was particularly impressed with the fire station trip that E.. told him all about. Your support, care and affection for E.. continue to be greatly appreciated.

S. Pitman. July 2007.

I loved to read his 'quarterly report', which was so much more personal than the one you will ever get from school. As well as having pictures of R.. actually doing the activities, there was also a description of the activity as part of the curriculum.... Friends of mine sent their children to nurseries, but none of them received the type of information sharing that I received from my childminder. I was given a huge file about my little boy and was amazed at all the things that Alison has recorded, but it was very interesting to see how his days had been filled.

F. Belamy. February 2007.

I've been very impressed with Alison's efforts to settle T... and taking photos of him during the day. THANK YOU!

C Juvanon. September 2005.

Alison provides a very safe, secure environment, where each child is respected and allowed to develop with clear and caring guidance.

M Scrace. September 2005.

Stable, happy family home. Meets the needs of the wide age range of children.

N Douet. September 2005.

When C... spends the day at Alison's, I know she will go somewhere and be active: outdoor activities, in local parks...

M Schuster. September 2005.

We wanted a 'home' setting and continuity. Our daughter has a loving relationship with Alison, which is reciprocated.

L Sanders. September 2005.

Caring and professional attitude. Commitment to encouraging development and learning.

J. Freemantle. December 2003.

Alison's commitment to the care and development of R...., has been excellent. Alison is extremely honest, open and trustworthy and is a true professional in the field of child care.

B.A.Neale. September 1999.

First class. We consider ourselves exceptionally lucky to have found Alison. We know both the boys are very well looked after and are very happy to be left with Alison. Alison provides a safe, loving and stimulating environment and we as parents have no worries at all about the care Z.... and N.... receive.

S.Attree. September 1999.

We are extremely fortunate to be working with Alison, her overall care, attitude and relationship with our daughter, has been outstanding. Alison is a professional in her role as a childminder and I feel a credit to the profession as a whole.

B.A Neale. September 1998.

Alison provides a very good standard of overall care. She communicates well and E.... is always happy to visit. I feel fortunate to have found such a conscientious childminder,

L.Sanders. September 1998.

First class in all aspects. Z.... is very happy and loves going to Alison's. We are delighted that she is able to look after N.... too.

S. Attree. September 1998.

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