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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the adult/staff ratio?

A childminder is registered with Ofsted to care usually for three children under 5 years and three children aged 5-8 years. An extra child maybe cared for where a sibling is born and needs to join the setting or for continuity of care.

Will my child have a circle of friends to socialise with as in a nursery?

Yes. A child in this type of setting usually makes close friends within the group. There are also the opportunities to make friends during outings, see below.

Will my child go on outings?

Yes. At Little Stars the children are out most days, either visiting other childminders and micro nurseries, attending local toddler groups, (where they meet more friends), going to local parks, playgrounds, woodlands, and soft play etc.

Will you follow my child's routine?

In a micro nursery setting, the smaller number of children makes it easier to follow individual children's routines. At Little Stars we work with parents in advance to see how a child's routine can fit in around the others.

Will my child have somewhere quiet and private to sleep?

Yes. In this type of setting, children usually have their own cot in a bedroom or other room away from the main play area, so that their sleep is undisturbed by other children and they can sleep for as long as they need to.

Can a you follow the dietary or health needs of my child?

We are better placed to accommodate individual dietary requirements or special health needs than a larger nursery, because we have fewer children to care for.

Will my child be as stimulated than he/she would be at a nursery?

Yes. A micro nursery setting is perfectly placed to provide activities which interest the small group in their care and can follow the developmental requirements of each individual child by observing their interests. At Little Stars we liaise regularly with parents and listen to the children to provide activities, which stimulate and interest them.

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